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    Beach Volleyball

    Serving Videos

    Serving Basics

    Short video breaking down the basics of overhand serving.

    Serving Mechanics

    Portland State coach Michael Seemann discusses his terminology for the mechanics of serving - lift, shift, pop.

    1 Hand Jump Float

    Portland State coach Michael Seemann discusses the one-handed jump-float volleyball serve.

    Watch how to implement serving technique in this servers vs. passers drill:

    Serving Competition

    Do your players need to work on their serving accuracy? Use this drill from Mark Barnard that has them trying to knock over a pyramid of balls!

    Passing Videos

    Teach Passing

    John Dunning, Russ Rose, Terry Liskevych, and Mike Sealy discuss how they teach passing a volleyball at The Art of Coaching Volleyball Northern California Clinic at Stanford University.

    Pretzel Passing

    Get beginner players to interact, communicate, and problem solve as they improve their passing skills with the pretzel passing drill.

    Pass for Points

    Competition where the point value depends on the quality of the pass